Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's talk Blood Artist and Tokens

blood artist deck
I'm working on a new Standard deck for the week of the 8/13/12.  It basically centers around Blood ArtistFalkenrath Noble, Tokens (or small 1 mana creatures) and something to trigger "the artist bomb".  So far I'm leaning towards Mutilate (to set off the blood artist effect).

Basically we want 2 Blood Artists (or a Falkenrath Noble and a Blood Artist) on the board with as many tokens or creatures as possible (that includes your opponents creatures) .  If we can't get 2 blood artists on the board then you'll just have to settle for 1.  Next, it's time set off our bomb, which currently is going to be Mutilate.

Currently the only issue I see is that black doesn't any quick token generators in none.  I'll probably have to splash white (or possibly red).

So, here goes version 1.  I'll be testing it tonight.

Blood Artist
Falkenrath Noble

4 Mutilate
4 Gather the Townsfolk
4 Lingering Souls
3 Oblivion Ring
2 Go for the throat
2 Doom Blade
2 Sever The Bloodline
2 Intangible Virtue
2 Sign in Blood
3 Undying Evil (for keeping the Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble in game)

16 swamps
4 isolated chapel
4 plains

If you have any suggestions then please leave a comment, I'm by far no expert.

Here's the result of Game 1 - Won 16 - 2.

Game highlights:

Basically I have a Falkenrath Noble on the board with 4 lingering souls.  He had a borderland ranger.  I attacked for 4.  He did a Day of Judgment.  I cast undying evil on my Falkenrath Noble.  I flashbacked a lingering soul and attacked for 5.  I then mutilated my entire board.  That was game.

Here's the result of Game 2:  Another Win.

Game 3 was a loss.  My opponent popped Sword of War and Peace on a Birds of Paradise and then a turn later a Thundermaw Hellkite.  At one point I had him down to 2 life...damn swords...

Game 4 was a win.  I had 2 Blood Artist's out and he kept killing tokens and sac'n his own creatures.  Eventually the Taskmaster sac'ing killed him.  He conceded at 4 life.  I was at 13.


I played a few more games last night.  I got mana screwed more than I could count.  It's amazing that I could only pull 1 land after muligining down to 5 3 separate times!  I've got 24 lands in this deck!

Besides losing to no lands I did win a more games with this deck.  Having 2 Blood Artists out really makes it a lot easier to do some big damage and gain a lot of life.

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